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  • A Family Staycation in Style

    The mansion may look stately, yet kids love it! Photos by @tomo_travel_91
  • Cezar & Alina Travels, Phnom Penh

    For travel blogger Caesars Show, a taste of Phnom Penh at White Mansion and Pavilion (in Romanian language).
  • Riding With The Ranas

    Discovering post-Covid Phnom Penh while staying at White Mansion.
  • A visit commented in Khmer

    Makara Ou visits Templation (in Khmer).

    "Stately and stylish interiors, charming boutique hotel."
  • The Most

    White Mansion among The Most Top Ten Best Phnom Penh Hotels.
  • Project Sam

    "Live like royalty without paying a king's ransom."
  • Fodor's

    "30 upscale suites with balconies or terraces."
  • Making It Happen Vlog

    A wow moment: vlogger Mike and partner discover Templation.
  • We Are Travel Girls

    'Serenity in Phnom Penh."
  • Top of the Phnom

    "I immediately fell in love with the beautiful staircase!"
  • On Tripadvisor

    Unfiltered reviews from our guests.